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How far in advance can you book on Southwest Airlines Tickets?

Southwest Airlines cheap flights: Most airlines allow you to book tickets 330 days ahead of time, but Southwest generally only allows bookings between 90 and 180 days in advance. Without an exact formula for releasing new fare schedules, what’s an early planner to do? You can get a good idea of the schedule by going to Southwest’s Travel Tools page.


While does southwest airlines open up new fares for reserving? maximum airlines can help you ebook tickets 330 days in advance of time, however southwest commonly only lets in bookings among 90 and one hundred eighty days earlier. without a specific component for freeing new fare schedules, what’s an early planner to do?

You can get a very good idea of the schedule by means of going to southwest’s journey tools page. a notice there lists the airline’s quality wager for the date it’ll release new schedules and the way a long way out those new schedules go. (August 27, 2008, editor observe: southwest currently updated its internet site and did not list the brand new date on which it plans to launch its next batch of flights. is investigating the scenario.)

Within the nuts approximately southwest blog, bill Owen, southwest’s lead agenda planner, offers some greater perception into the airline’s system on release dates: ” … we publish our schedule and permit bookings best up to approximately 180 days in advance … after we publish, we allow the clock to tick down ” … till we’ve approximately a hundred and twenty days really worth of inventory left to sell, at which factor we post any other block of schedules and push the stock returned up to approximately 180 days. on rare activities … the stock can drop as little as 90 days, and on even rarer occasions we’ll have more than a hundred and eighty days available.” Owen additionally cited that new schedules are generally released at 10 a.m. ct on Thursdays.

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Southwest flights claim it wants to firm up its schedules as plenty as viable earlier than releasing them to the general public. that manner it may limit having to trade or cancel showed reservations due to time table adjustments while first of all southwest’s atypical scheduling techniques seem painful, it’d assist keep away from hassles afterward, especially in today’s unstable marketplace. many passengers who booked tickets some distance earlier are finding their very last itinerary modified or absolutely canceled because of late-breaking agenda cutbacks.

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Can you reserve flights on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has the best policy when it comes to flight changes. … If at any point, up to 10 minutes prior to departure, you decide you don’t want to take your flight, you may change or cancel the reservation for no fee.

Have you ever booked a flight and then later found out you couldn’t get the break day work, weren’t capable of discovering a travel associate or something else came up and you now not desired to journey? unluckily, maximum airways price hefty change/cancellation costs on non-refundable airfares (as much as $2 hundred locally or as much as $750 the world over), however there are some cases that will let you get a refund on a non-refundable ticket.

Recommendations on how to refund or trade a non-refundable price ticket

The most effective way to assure you’ll be able to get a reimbursement for any cause is to book a refundable airfare. however, those fares are astronomically high whilst as compared to non-refundable fares.


The main purchasers of refundable airfares are companies who want the potential to make more than one adjustments or refund a ticket and are inclined to pay the premium. if you are touring for leisure, you’ll maximum in all likelihood be buying a non-refundable price tag.

Right here are some strategies to get money back on a non-refundable airfare. extra typically, you will be able to trade your flight for no additional charge or obtain a credit score towards a future purchase depending at the airline and/or the sort of ticket you have purchased.

Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking

In case you are booking a ticket for the tour inside, from, or to the USA, u.s. branch of transportation (dot) regulations nation which you are entitled to a complete refund on non-refundable tickets within 24 hours of booking as long as your flight is at the least 7 days away—with no cancellation rate. airways are also allowed to maintain a reservation for 24-hours, without fee, to meet this rule, however, most will simply make you pay first and refund after the fact if you change your mind. some airways and online travel companies have even greater generous policies than what’s required via law.

For example, delta’s hazard-free cancellation coverage states that the cancellation request must be made by way of the middle of the night the day after the price tag became purchased or middle of the night of the departure date, whichever comes first.

Essentially, there may be no develop purchase requirement to be eligible for a full refund within 24-hours of booking directly with delta. southwest seems to have the equal no boost buy a required policy to be eligible for reimbursement, although their language isn’t always as clean. Alaska airlines’ risk-unfastened cancellation coverage simplest applies to flights purchased at least 24 hours in advance of departure.

American airlines permit you to refund any price tag within 24 hours of reserving so long as you’ve booked as a minimum 2 days prior to departure. American also offers a loose 24-hour preserve on pick flights in case you ebook seven or more days prior to departure. in case your flight is eligible, this option may be categorized “preserve” on the “assessment and pay” web page. your reservation and price might be held for 24 hours, which you can then Purchase and have any other day to cancel your purchase for free in case your plans trade. similarly, they have got a prolonged hold alternative for a price.

United’s 24-hour flexible reserving coverage is no specific than what is required through the dot, even though in addition they provide a firelock service on choose flights for a charge. buying forelock will maintain your reservation and charge for the specified amount of time. any other choice to hold an airfare totally free is to select “other varieties of price” and then pick out “pay in man or woman” from the dropdown on the united’s payment web page. this can essentially maintain your reservation, without charge, for 24-hours. you’ll still be capable of getting right of entry to your reservation and pay on-line as ordinary within 24 hours. after payment, you’ll nevertheless have the 24-hour grace period to cancel without cost, giving you up to forty-eight hours overall to consider your plans risk-loose.

All different most important u.s. airways without a doubt follow requirements set by way of the dot. however, purchasing your price ticket via a web journey corporation may be useful with regards to loose cancellation. many 1/3-party web sites together with Expedia, Orbitz, or Priceline offer unfastened cancellation till the cease of the day (varies among 10 and eleven:59pm) the following commercial enterprise day after purchase, no matter how some distance in advance you are purchasing your flight. this means you could purchase a flight departing tomorrow and still be capable of canceling it risk-loose. additionally, you may potentially purchase a price tag on Friday and have until Monday night time to cancel your flight without penalty. this could be extended to Tuesday night time if Monday takes place to be a vacation.

Inquiring for a full refund for flights inside 24 hours of reserving is quite uncomplicated. just truly look up your itinerary on the reserving web page and look for a link or a button to cancel the reservation. as a substitute, you can name the airline or booking organization to cancel.

Refunds for delays, cancellations, and agenda modifications

Many airlines have a special provision of their agreement of carriage approximately “involuntary refunds”. this varies by using airline, however, it basically states that if an airline refuses to hold you for any motive, or in case your flight is not on time greater than a unique quantity of time, you may follow for a full refund, even on a non-refundable price ticket. these files are plenty to examine via, but I’ll offer links for the primary us and Canadian airlines beneath.

How to change your flight without paying a price

If all you want to do is alternate journey dates or itinerary, there are certain airlines that allow this without paying a trade charge. but, a fare difference will constantly practice, so that you may additionally nonetheless pay extra if the airfare has risen considering that your original buy. at some stage in certain occasions, along with forecasted extreme climate, maximum airlines will preemptively permit you to make flight changes freed from fee inside a certain time frame and will often no longer price a fare difference.

As with the schedule loophole listed above, if the airline adjustments your itinerary notably due to a time table trade, you will be able to reschedule your flight to an extra desired flight time table or maybe to an exceptional date. say you booked the connecting flight from l.  a. lax to the big apple lga, because it turned into cheaper than a nonstop flight to JFK or Newark. if they alternate your flight to consist of a long layover or a day flight turns into an overnight connection, you could attempt your luck at calling the airline and ask if you could be placed on a nonstop flight from lax to NYC rather.

Southwest airline tickets have exceptional coverage in terms of flight changes. If you buy a non-refundable ticket on the southwest, you’ve essentially bought a tour credit with them exact for three hundred and sixty-five days from the date of buy. if at any point, up to 10 minutes previous to departure, you make a decision you don’t need to take your flight, you may change or cancel the reservation for no fee.

You could either re-book any flight at the equal time or maintain the credit on that reservation (as much as three hundred and sixty-five days from the unique purchase date) for a future flight. it doesn’t even have to be the same course, you can change to a totally exclusive itinerary in case you desire. you could make as many adjustments as you want and might even get hold of a flight credit score if the charge drops in your flight and also you book on the decrease charge.

Frontier airways have a new no alternate rate coverage for changes made at least 90 days earlier of departure. Alaska airways also do not have an exchange charge for flights absolutely inside Alaska. JetBlue offers a reimbursement inside the shape of a flight credit score if you are capable of re-use book the same flight at a decrease fare inside 5 days of unique buy, however, they nonetheless have alternate prices if you want to absolutely exchange your flight.

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How do I book a flight with Southwest Airlines?

There are three methods to ebook a flight for children a while 5 via 11 who could be traveling unaccompanied:

  • For your convenience, you can book online at
  • Call us at 1-888-402-4996
  • make the reservation on the southwest price ticket counter at the airport.

While you make a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, you will be required to fill out the essential travel report and pay an unaccompanied minor service charge.

As soon as the unaccompanied minor reservation is whole, you may want to offer the affirmation quantity to the father or mother specified to choose up or drop off the child.

How do I let Southwest know my child is an Unaccompanied Minor?

In case you make your child’s reservation on-line, follow the same steps for any booking through whilst you enter the kid’s delivery date, you may be precipitated to indicate whether or not the child could be touring with someone over the age of 12. 


Southwest Airlines Toll-Free Number 1-888-402-4996

If now not, the child is considered an unaccompanied minor, and you will be required to fill out the important tour report and pay the unaccompanied minor provider exchange.

If you e-book your baby’s travel over the telephone or at the airport, tell the client-consultant that the child on the reservation is an unaccompanied minor and provide the child’s age.

What facts are required at the unaccompanied minor office work?

The unaccompanied minor paperwork calls for information approximately your toddler, the person(s) picking up your infant at his/her vacation spot and the man or woman dropping off the kid. the office work ought to be fully entire with the intention to accept your child for the tour. you can additionally be required to provide proof of the child’s age.

Please provide the exact records about the person meeting the unaccompanied minor, such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • phone quantity (including location code)
  • Name, relationship, and phone numbers of an alternate contact

What statistics ought to I offer to the receiving party?

Make sure to suggest the person meeting the unaccompanied minor that he/she can want to greet the kid at the flight’s assigned arrival gate. please have him/her comply with the advised airport arrival instances to allow enough time to achieve an “escort skip” from the price ticket counter. the receiving party ought to have a legitimate picture identity and a copy of the child’s itinerary to get an “escort pass,” which is needed to get through the safety checkpoint and meet the kid at the gate.

Whilst am I able to pay the unaccompanied minor provider fee?

You pay the unaccompanied minor carrier charge on the time of booking on, by calling us at 1-888-402-4996, or at any southwest price ticket counter.

Can an infant older than eleven years of age be dealt with as an unaccompanied minor?

No. our unaccompanied minor application is handiest for kids a long time 5 via eleven years vintage.

Youngsters a while 12 and older are allowed to tour independently. however, we inspire dad and mom to decide whether or not their kids are capable of and comfortable with:

  • Negotiating all airports
  • Going through the check-in and boarding methods
  • Following team individuals’ instructions
  • Managing feasible flight disruptions that can arise

If now not, we strongly discourage allowing those young travelers to fly alone.

Can my infant tour unaccompanied on a speedy rewards award?

Yes, your baby can tour unaccompanied on a rapid rewards award. while booking the kid’s reservation, surely allow the patron consultant to recognise that the kid might be journeying as an unaccompanied minor and offer his/her age. please observe, you will nonetheless be accountable to pay the $50 each-way provider price despite visiting on a speedy rewards award.

Can my infant journey by myself on a flight that modifications planes?

No. ensure the child’s reservation is on a nonstop flight or a flight that makes a forestall, however, it does now not require an alternate of planes. this can be indicated by an unmarried flight range. southwest does no longer permit unaccompanied minors to travel on connecting flights, which include the ones connecting with other airline companions.

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What day is Southwest Airlines Tickets?

Bottom Line. While the best time to purchase tickets on can Southwest vary a little, a general rule of thumb is to shop Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern time when the airline has matched other airline sale prices.


you may already understand that generally, the excellent time to buy airline tickets to get the most inexpensive possible domestic fares is Tuesday afternoon. but permit’s get extra precise. let’s speak approximately offers on southwest airlines.

Where in to locate Southwest Airlines Tickets

Southwest presently flies to greater than ninety locations in u.s., Caribbean and Mexico but in case you need to buy tickets on the popular provider, you must visit southwest’s web site; it’s the handiest airline that does not percentage airfare information with assessment web sites.

Tip: Do not pay for that southwest price tag until you compare charges with other airways, due to the fact no airline – together with southwest – usually has the best deal. you have to evaluate.

Southwest Flights Booking | Search for offers on Today

Southwest cheap tickets generally document its signature click an save offers as soon as every week late Monday night time at eight p.m. Japanese domestic airfare distribution (there are three domestic airfare distributions every weekday at 10 a.m., 1pm and 8pm); these fees then hit southwest’s reservation machine within the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Tip: southwest airlines sale fares – like those of different airways – may be restricted to particular routes and sure tour days, plus they may be usually restricted in a wide variety. if you like what you listen about a sale, hurry (however don’t forget about to compare fares before you ding your credit card).

competitor matching

If Southwest doesn’t have the bottom price, it could shape a competition’s sale price on the equal course, and this may usually arise with the aid of three p.m. jap time. hurry, due to the fact maximum sales – southwest’s and different airlines’ – normally give up by way of Thursday night time.

Tip: Southwest Airlines Flight Booking has been acknowledged to extend fare sales on the remaining minute. if you think you neglected out on the deals, cross back to southwest’s website and take a look at once more.

How to live on pinnacle of sales

One way is to live on top of airfare offers is to observe southwest on social media and observe FareCompare on FB and twitter.

Tip: Study the cheapest offers for specific routes in actual-time by way of signing up for airfare signals. it’s speedy, it’s loose. the, if you like what you see, act fast due to the fact good offers disappear speedily.

Bottom Line

Whilst the first-rate time to purchase tickets on can cheap southwest Flights range a touch, a widespread rule of thumb is to save Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern time while the airline has matched different airline sale fees. and do set airfare signals due to the fact now and again offers pop out of nowhere; it may payoff huge to be geared up for them.

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